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If You Stay - Courtney Cole Gifted in exchange for honest review~ http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/I. Love. This. Book. Merp.Pax is messed up in more ways I can name: he uses drugs and girls to get away from his daddy problems and his moms death. Mila is so innocent that I (almost) can't handle it. But, for them it works. It adorable and heavy and sweet and so totally no perfect. At all. But it's beautiful. Except for a bit of her childhood...What do I love more than anything about this book? Pax wasn't good. Oh, he was far from it. But when he met Mila, he wanted to be good. He wasn't like 'Oh, I'll never be good. I'm forever screwed up with my crappy past to blame. Might as well not even try. No. He was blunt with her. He said he'd try. No promises except that he'd try. He'd try to make himself better for her. (can I get an aw) He messes up though. You gather that from the summary. But he's trying. I love this book. They fall in love hard and fast. Not insta love, mind you that. But it was love. LOVE I TELL YOU. It was falling in love over painting and walks home. It was falling in love over secrets and healing and being themselves. It was falling in love with the ocean and the sunset. It was falling in love with Italian food and each other. *sigh* I just love love. There's a chance I may be a hopeless romantic. This book. I really don't know what to say about it. It was about love and healing and love and love and healing and UGH. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Just read it.